CAT Sire Waterproof Boot Review – After Months of Wearing

Waterproof Boot CAT Sire Boot
A few months ago, back in November, I got a pair of the Sire Waterproof Boots by CAT footwear. I chose them as they are not only advertised as tough and waterproof but also comfortable to wear. I’ve worn them almost every day for months and I thought I’d share my experience as well as some before and after photos!

CAT Sire Waterproof Boot
During the months of November, December and January, I’ve not gone lightly on these boots and they’ve been through about as much as anyone is going to put a pair of casual boots through. They’ve been worn to work, into town, during wicked storms, climbed over hedges as well as being walked through sand, mud and rivers. I’ve ran, trekked, wandered, rambled, kicked, scrambled and roamed. During this time, I have come to love a pair of shoes in a way that I thought impossible without ovaries.

Sire Waterproof Boot CAT
As you will see from the photos, the boots haven’t gone unscathed from the constant use, but I think they look better. In the same way a brand new tool, with its factory finish, looks unused and inexperienced – these boots look even better now with a few scars and scratches to them. Over the past weeks they’ve grown even more comfortable as they’ve moulded and come to fit my feet even better. They’ve also become hugely invaluable to me and extremely useful.

CAT Sire Waterproof Boot – New and Now

With the incredible power of the internet and my amazing technological prowess, I have managed to create the images below – When you hover your mouse over these photographs they will magically change from what the CAT Sire Waterproof Boots looked like straight out of the box, to what they look like today. Go ahead and marvel at both the strikingly cool-looking boots and my Bill Gates beating ICT skills.

First impressions – you can clearly see that the boots have been warn a lot, but they are still looking grand. The leather has clearly softened up and become more comfortable. The added flexibility has meant they shaped to my feet and are now looking nicely warn. The boots are labelled as waterproof, which I normally approach with trepidation when it comes to shoes, unless I’m looking at a welly boot! I can report however, that they are what they claim. I’ve warn these through heavy downpours in town when puddles have been unavoidable; I’ve walked in wet sand and been caught off guard and trodden in rock pools; I’ve warn them when washing my car, and always my feet have remained dry. This is one of the biggest reasons that I’ve warn them every day. When it rains almost every day in the winter, why wouldn’t you wear waterproof shoes? Almost everyone wears a waterproof coat when it rains!

The only actual sign of unwanted wear is on the shoe laces. The metal eyelet, which is third down, clearly wears the laces thin. Either this or the laces just aren’t as tough as the rest of the boot. Still, for me, this is a very small fault. Laces are cheap and are way, way easier to replace than a whole new boot. I think the wearing of these laces is testament to how ‘through the mill’ the boots have been taken. When you compare that level of wear on the laces to how good the boots are still looking, I think it reflects very well on the build quality of CAT boots.

In the photo above, you can see that the full grain leather has developed a really attractive patina over time. I hate the ‘brand new’ look and love when shoes, clothing and gear looks warn in and actually used. Brand new, shiny outdoor kit is a sign of someone who doesn’t like to stray from the beaten path. On the toe of the shoe you can see a pretty deep scratch that the boots have picked up, if they weren’t made from real quality leather this would have probably pretty much killed them, but the CAT boots have shrugged it off and keep on going. If you look closely you can even see that the nubuck upper (which is also waterproof) looks exactly the same as brand new. The whole top part and entry to the boot is still immaculate which is excellent. I often find that the inner heel portion of shoes is the first to wear out from sliding your feet in and out every day.

If you look alove and below you can see that the rubber outsole has hardly warn at all. This is a great sign as I’ve warn these as my primary shoe for months and I do a lot of walking. These boots have been everywhere with me and if the soles are still looking like this, you can tell they’ve still got years left in them. This isn’t a great surprise really given CAT’s origins, for a company that make huge industrial construction machinery with huge metal and rubber caterpillar tracks, making quality rubber soles for a pair of boots isn’t really a challenge!

So that’s the end of the comparison photos and I hope you’ve gleamed a little bit about how these boots are wearing – which is very well. I haven’t actually mentioned my favourite feature of the Sire boots: what they’re like to wear. They are light for a boot as rugged looking as them and because of their well designed EASE Footbed and EASE Midsole, they’re extremely comfortable. I’ve warn these shoes through many 12+ hour days. I’ve been wearing them to work and still want to wear them when I go out after getting home.

Waterproof Boot CAT Sire Worn
I’ve not owned a pair of CAT footwear before and must say that I’ll be definitely getting more shoes from them in the future. The combination of rugged quality, dashing good looks and sheer comfort is something that is hard to find all in one shoe. I’m hoping all of their shoes are this good and I can get something a little bit more casual and something a little bit more formal for the times that I need to put a tie on for work. I love the Sire boots – they keep getting more comfortable and are definitely getting like an old pair of slippers. I can’t wait to see what they’ll be like after a year.

Waterproof Boot CAT Sire


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  1. Tim
    June 19, 2020 / 10:38 am

    Hi, great review! I bought a pair of these Cat Sire boots recently and they are very comfortable – but don’t seem to be waterproof. I’m wondering if I’m somehow doing something wrong? I walked in wet grass for about an hour and the water soaked into the leather and came through the bottom of the tongue, making my socks wet. Just wondering if you ever had this? Many thanks, Tim

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