Icebreaker Women’s BodyFitZONE Long Sleeve Half Zip Baselayer Review

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Hello everyone, Vicky here – For the last few months, I have been wearing the Icebreaker’s Women’s BodyFitZONE Long Sleeve Half Zip Baselayer and it is absolutely amazing! I got it several months ago to wear whilst walking over the winter season. However, it’s come in handy for a lot more than just this. As it’s a baselayer, you wouldn’t have noticed it in all the photos but I’ve been wearing it all the time. Especially in our recent trip to climb mountains in the Lake District where I wore it every single day. As it has been pretty chilly so far this year, it has even come in handy when doing more mundane things like walking through town!

Icebreaker Baselayer Mountain
The cut of this baselayer is awesome and it hugs in all the right places, giving a flattering fit. The slim fitted styling means that it never bunches up and becomes uncomfortable or looks bulky under mid layers. Adding to this comfort is the flatlock seams which prevent chafing, this is especially important for winter sports like skiing or very physically activities such as running.

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This BodyfitZONE baselayer has been designed from the ground up in order to keep you warm but prevent you from overheating. There is a half zip which you can raise or lower to help regulate your temperature, this is very effective. It’s not as technical as some of the other features on the garment but it definitely works well. It also adds to the style and if you’re wearing it without a mid layer it looks very good. I think this is down to the simplistic design and excellent cut which I love.

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More technical than a zip, is the BodyfitZONE panelling which goes up each side of the baselayer and helps with ventilation and heat dumping. I’m not sure how, but it manages to keep you warm but stops you overheating. The merino wool fabric makes it really comfy to wear, also, because it is breathable I have never got hot and bothered, even when climbing up some very steep mountain accents. You can see in the photography below the ventilated sections on my sides and arms:

Icebreaker Baselayer
Another genius little touch is the thumb holes in the wrists. I’ve seen these thumb holes as a bit of a gimmick on other clothing but in these baselayers they really work. They allow you to remove and add layers without rolling up the Icebreaker and they ensure that everything is nice, flat and tight against each other so that it performs perfectly. I also found that when wearing gloves they created a nice seal up against the inside of the glove and helped to prevent drafts coming in through the wrist section.

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This sounds a bit grim but as this Icebreaker top is made from Merino wool, I was able to wear it for a few days in a row and not have to worry about washing it. This is perfect when out on the mountains and trekking as finding a washing machine isn’t always a priority or a possibility!

Icebreaker Baselayer Ice Climb
I love my Icebreaker Baselayer and wouldn’t want to replace it with anything else I’ve ever tried. It’s so well designed and made from such high quality materials. Whenever I wear it, I totally forget that I even am, I think this has got to be a sign of a great baselayer. Icebreaker aren’t the cheapest brand on the market, but you really do get what you pay for and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. You might not always be able to see it, but if you see a photograph of me somewhere cold or windy, underneath my coat and mid layer, I’ll be wearing an Icebreaker baselayer. Guaranteed!

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