A Camping Christmas Gift Guide

First off, I apologise for dropping a Christmas gift guide so early, however I know people like to plan ahead. Most shoppers are a lot more organised than myself when it comes to Christmas gift buying and this guide is for them! Everyone else, I’ll see you out on the high street, panic buying during the week leading up to the 25th.

This Christmas Gift guide is for your camping loving friend, family member or loved one. I personally own and use all of the camping gear below and can recommend it all wholeheartedly!


large and luxurious tent

This is definitely a ‘main present’ sort of gift. It’s not a little stocking filler and is going to only be for people that are firmly on Father Christmas’ good list. Saying that, it’s a present that will last for years and that the lucky recipient, and probably you and their whole family will get a lot of love and use out of. I reviewed the Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 Tent back at the start of the summer. It’s a large and luxurious tent that has loads of awesome features, making it a great family tent or a very spacious tent for smaller groups. I absolutely love the black-out rooms which work incredibly effectively and make a true camping lay in a real possibility!

Coleman Tent Rocky Mountain


Futuristic Electric Headlamp or Lantern

You’ll read in my Coleman Twist+ 300 Led Lantern Review about how excellent a camping lantern it is. It has lots of innovative features that make it more than just something to light up your campsite at night. I especially like the way it can be used to charge phones, cameras and anything USB powered. It also has a very clever way of preserving its battery and most importantly it is very efficient and bright with vary settings. A rechargeable lantern like this will save the user a small fortune on conventional batteries!

Review Coleman Twist 300+ Lantern

This head-torch which I reviewed in my Coleman CHT+ 100 Headlamp Review is an excellent stocking filler. At time of writing, it’s currently for sale at under £15 here. It performs as well as head-torches I’ve tested at more than double that price and is truly a bargain. It has the same battery saving technology of the Coleman Twist 300 Lantern which stops battery corrosion if you pack it away for a few months. An excellent little purchase which looks very generous as it performs well above its price tag.

Coleman CHT 100 Headtorch


The ultimate camp bed!

When we got the Coleman Maxi Comfort Bed Raised King, I couldn’t believe how much like a real bed it was. It was so much higher than other inflatable camp beds I’d used and really did an added amount of comfort and luxury to your trip. If you know someone that is into glamping or likes to the finer things in life, then this is for them. It’s also got the added bonus of being a very usable spare bed for the home – just what you needed for extra family coming to stay over the festive season!

Rocky Mountain 5 Tent Coleman



I’d recommend the Primus Trailbreak EX Vacuum Bottle to not just campers but any outdoor enthusiast. It’s excellent for days outside no matter the weather or season as it not only keeps hot drinks hot but also cold drinks cold. I love the interchangeable lid and the quality of construction.




The Campingaz Powerbox Plus Electric Cooler is one of the most useful pieces of camp gear I’ve written about all year. As it works on mains power and 12v it fits the bill for many situations. We use it regularly for keeping food cold on long car journeys. Even when not plugged in, the efficient insulation ensures that the contents are kept cool, which is perfect for off-grid camping or trips to the beach. It’s a decent size too so with its mains power you can use it for extra cold food storage – perfect for all those extra Christmas feasting foods!



Personal Cooking System BACKPACKING STOVE

I’ve only just reviewed the Coleman Fyrestorm PCS Backpacking Stove and even as I wrote the review I was thinking of several people who would love a stove like this. It’s great for lightweight campers and hikers as it contains everything you need to get cooking on the go. It is also brilliant value for money and is half the price of rival personal cooking systems like MSR’s WindBurner or JetBoil’s stoves. If you are going to buy one as a present I’d recommend getting them a Coleman C300 Gas cartridge as otherwise it would be like when you were a kid and unwrapped a toy minus the batteries!

PCS Coleman


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