Teva Arrowood Utility Mid Hiking Boot Review

Over a year ago, I got my first pair of Teva boots (which you can read about here) and absolutely loved them. They’re one of my most warn pair of shoes, this is because of how amazingly light and comfortable they are and because of their high quality design and manufacturing. A year later and after lots of wear, they still look close to new and I’m still wearing them all the time. Now I’m a fully fledged fan of the comfort of Teva shoes, I’ve decided to review their version of a hiking boot – the Teva Arrowood Utility Mid Hiking Boot.

Teva Hiking Boots

Aesthetics & Design

This rugged outdoor boot has an excellent design and style. I like how they’ve approached the traditional hiking boot with more of a street styling. The Arrowood Utility definitely has more of a casual, trainer look to them than a regular hiking boot. Appearances can be deceiving though and you’ll read later in the review about how they tackle walks just as seriously as standard looking hiking boots.


Most of this visual design comes from the white coloured sole of the shoe which add this more laid back trainer feel. I really like this when doing pub walks or hikes which include pedestrian areas when sometimes you can feel a bit over dressed in traditional hiking boots. You can arrive at any pub in these boots and not look like you’re about to climb a mountain.



A massive feature of these boots is their performance Vibram soles. They constructed the outsole with a rubber compound that maximises grip on wet and dry surfaces. Vibram soles have an excellent and well earned reputation and you can be sure that they will stand the test of time. This enables the boots to tackle some very difficult, tough and technical terrain.


Waterproof Materials

As these boots are made from full leather, which not only looks fantastic but they also are very waterproof. The waterproof quality of my other Teva boots is one of the major reasons that I wear them so much as they are brilliant for the frequently rainy British weather. I’ve tested these Teva Utility hiking boots in the rain, mud, through streams in the woods and rock pools at the beach. They’ve held up exactly how I expected – very well. A classic problem with waterproof hiking boots is that they can get hot and sweaty. These have a breathable mesh lining which allows cool air to flow into the boot at the same time as releasing warm air.


Lacing System & Comfort

I really like the lacing system on these boots. It is entirely external which, along with a really well padded tongue, stops any discomfort from laces pressing on your foot. The four D-rings and two loops further spread any pressure on the midfoot. With this lacing system, I’ve always been really quickly and easily able to get a nice fitting boot that has lasted the whole day without becoming uncomfortable.


Straight out the box these boots are very supple and comfortable from the off. I’d happily walk with them for several miles on even their very first outing. They take very little time to wear in but after a few walks they do become even more comfortable. Due to the really spongy and light footbed, these boots are incredibly comfortable and feel a lot more like a nice pair of trainers than any other pair of hiking boots I’ve warn. The final feature I’m going to talk about is the neoprene padded tongue and heel collar these mean that these important areas sit flat and smoothly against your skin which stops chafing and discomfort.

As you can tell, I really love the Teva Arrowood Utility Mid Hiking Boots and can thoroughly recommend them to anyone who is after a cool, casual looking and extremely comfortable hiking boot.



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  1. Pablo Gómez-Pan
    May 30, 2018 / 9:12 pm

    Hi there. I just bought these Teva boots and I found an unexpected problem: their tongue is not waterproof at all, so when it rains the whole foot stays dry except for the instep, which is in direct contact with the neoprene tongue. It is a true pity, because apart from that I really love them. Thanks for your review. Best.

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