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Antler Suitcase Carry on Juno

Hello, it’s Vicky here! We have been doing a lot of travelling recently and I have been on the lookout for the perfect suitcase for shorter breaks – something durable, top quality and that looks really stylish. That’s why when I found the Antler Juno Cabin Suitcase, I was absolutely thrilled. It is perfect, exactly what I was looking for and more, so I just wanted to share why I love it so much.

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With the telescopic handle, it makes this suitcase so easy to transport. The handle itself is very sturdy and strong, giving me piece of mind that it will hold the weight of my belongings as I pull the case around. It clips in to place very securely and with just a push of the central button, it pulls up smoothly. For lifting on and off overhead storage etc, there is another handle at the top of the suitcase. Again, this is robust and lifts away when you grab it for a comfortable and secure hold. I am very impressed with these simple yet effective design features as they really make this suitcase very efficient and a pleasure to use.

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There is a really simple and discreet tag for your contact details at the back of the cabin bag. Secured in a flat, plastic tray, I love the way you can just slide this easily in and out, ensuring your private details are are not on display all the time like other suitcase tags I have used before. The design is effective and is in-keeping with the style of the bag.

Suitcase Juno Carry on Antler

One of my favourite design features, is the Fixed TSA combination lock. It makes me feel so relaxed knowing that I can lock the suitcase and protect my belongings. Like other combination padlocks, you just set a 3 digit code of your choice, then place the two zippers into the lock and it is secured. What makes this specific lock even better is the fact it is a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) lock which is what you want when travelling to America as it can be open by TSA officials without it being cut open and damaged.

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The 40 L internal storage area is fantastic and makes organising your belongings simple! There is a long, narrow pocket inside which is ideal for storing your smaller items such as jewellery, sunglasses and charger. It is secured with a full length zip, so easy to insert things and remove them too.

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The main storage area is in two very useful parts. On the left hand side, there is a large space for storing your larger items of clothing such as jumpers and jeans. It has an elastic belt that joins together with a clip in the centre. This nifty feature helps to secure your items firmly inside so they are not falling around when you are travelling/transporting the case.

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I use the right hand side of the case for my smaller things such as tops, underwear and socks. It is perfect as due to the size, you can fit a lot in. It is secured into place by a lightweight net cover which has a zip along the cover’s edge. A really simple yet effective aspect of the bag.

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Wheels and manoeuvrability

The suitcase has 4 double-wheels on its base which aids manoeuvrability greatly. Each wheel can turn 360 degrees, ensuring it gives you fluid movement when wheeling the suitcase around. You get so much control without much effort so brilliant when doing long periods of walking through an airport, to your hotel etc. The wheels are a rubber material which make them durable and tough, perfect for rougher terrain or regular use. The case itself is lightweight, even with my belongings inside, so it is so easy to use and move around with. The wheels are really the best I’ve used on a suitcase like this.

Suitcase Carry on Juno Antler


Antler Juno Cabin Suitcase Review Conlusion

Overall, the Antler Juno Cabin Suitcase has definitely lived up to my expectations. I love the very solid outer shell, which looks great and provides a sturdiness to protect my belongings when on the go. It is easy to manoeuvre and is the perfect size for weekend breaks and short trips away. The dimensions (H x W x D) 56 x 35 x 23 (cm) ensure it can be used as a cabin bag when going further afield on your travels and the generous internal space supersedes other travel bags I have used in the past.

Juno Cabin Suitcase Antler


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