Walker & Hawkes Windsor Tweed Country Jacket in Dark Sage Review

I recently acquired a Tweed Jacket online and whilst trying to make the difficult decision of which to choose, I found there were no reviews for this jacket (or blazer) online, so I thought I’d fix that with this review.

Walker & Hawkes Windsor Tweed Country Jacket. The jacket is available in two colours light or dark sage. I went for dark sage as I thought that it would go better with most of my clothes; also as the Walker and Hawkes Tweed jacket has been designed for outdoor country use, I think that the darker shades are more likely to hide any marks it may get over the coming years of outdoor use.

The Tweed blazer is single breasted with a two-button fastening. A great thing that Walker and Hawkes do is give you a couple of spare buttons as they fully intend for these jackets to be used out in the country. It is a well designed jacket that can be worn casually as well as with a shirt or tie. The shop I purchased it from, Equestrian Co, also sell a matching waistcoat which would look fantastic for formal occasions such as weddings. When wearing it formally you’ll be happy to hear that it has a button hole on the lapel!

A really important feature of any jacket for me is always pockets and storage. You need places to stash your bits and bobs, be it keys, cash, phone or anything else you may need during the day or evening. The Walker & Hawkes Windsor Tweed Country Jacket has got you covered with a grand total of seven pockets (three exterior and four interior).

On the outside there are two front pockets with flaps. These would be great for larger items and anything you need to access in a hurry. Keys, gadgets and shotgun cartridges if you’re a real country type. There is also an outside chest pocket which I wouldn’t use for much except maybe stashing some cash or a pocket square on fancy occasions.

If you open the jacket you will find another four pockets. On the left hand side of the jacket going from the top there is a medium-sized pocket perfect for a mobile phone, below this a small coin pocket and at the very bottom another pocket which would be great for smaller items. On the right hand side of the jacket’s interior there is a chest high pocket which has a button fastening. This is excellent for storing any valuable items.

I’ve been really impressed with the fabric that the tweed jacket is made from. It is mainly made from high quality wool but also has some other materials in the mix to give it some more practicality and flexibility. A final touch which is really nice is that the entire jacket has been treated with Teflon, this adds an extra protective barrier and is great for a long lasting shield against different types of stains including water stains and dust and soil.

To some up, the Walker & Hawkes Windsor Tweed Country Jacket is an excellent practical jacket that is perfect for wearing formally and informally. It looks great while walking around the country and also would look brilliant at a formal occasion such as a wedding. I love how it’s been designed so that it can really be used practically and isn’t just for show.


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