The UK’s Best Drives and Road Trips

My favourite place to drive is easily the mountains in either Snowdonia or the Lake District. It takes hours of quite boring A-road and motorway driving to get to these areas from my home in Cornwall. As you start to approach them after ages in the car, the excitement starts to build. The terrain begins to get more and more interesting, trees and large hills fill your view until eventually you get your first peek at a mountain peak. I know I get exactly the same feel when I see that first mountain as others do when they get that first glimpse of sea when they drive down to my home county of Cornwall.

As you get into these gorgeous mountainous areas the roads start to wind around the epic scenery; bending, twisting and turning around mountains and lakes. Some of the roads run right alongside the edge of these lakes and plunge through tight, steep sided valleys. Driving on roads likes this always makes me feel as if I’m on an episode of Top Gear. It’s not only how fun these roads are to drive on or how picturesque the vistas are but the knowledge of the fun and adventures that will be had on arrival that makes them my favourite roads to drive on.

During February I had a fantastic drive to Snowdonia all the way from Cornwall. After a stop off in Cardiff for a night out, the journey continued through the gorgeous Brecon Beacons. I’ve never spent any time in the Beacons but after a very picturesque drive I’m very tempted to go back to explore it properly. Driving closer to Snowdonia you start to see the mountains and the many slate quarries. Upon arriving at the accommodation and checking in we made our way to the local pub. Climbing the Welsh mountains will always be special to me but in February when there is still snow on the peaks of the highest – it’s really magical.

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