Coleman Festival Double Sleeping Bag Review

Festivals are becoming more and more popular every year! Every summer there seems to be another one popping up and it’s no surprise, they’re awesome fun. Like most people, I love watching bands and I love camping and festivals are just a great combination of the two. With this ever increasing festival scene, Coleman have created a range of festival camping gear.

I’ve got a few pieces of kit from this range and really like it. Where it differs from other ‘festival’ camping gear is that a lot of the time the word ‘festival’ is used as a synonym for cheap & cheerful or disposable. This is different from Coleman as their festival camping gear is really great quality and is awesome for camping anywhere not just in a muddy field. I use some of their Festival range all year round.

One of my favourite items from the range is the Coleman Festival Double Sleeping Bag which is something which we use all the time for long and short camping trips. The photos that I’ve used in this review were taken at The Fatboy Slim mini festival at the Wyldes in North Cornwall. Trying to keep it simple we just took the Cobra 2 tent, the Festival Double Sleeping bag and some air mats.

When camping as a couple, a double sleeping bag is definitely a great way of having a more relaxed and cosy stay. Sleeping in two separate sleeping bags can be a necessity in really cold weather but when camping in summer a double sleeping bag is warmer than a duvet and sheet without separating you both into individual cocoons.

The Festival Double sleeping bag has a polyester microfibre outer which is filled with hollow fibre insulation. This insulation is really good and it allows the sleeping bag to be comfortable at 3 degrees Celsius and be useful even down to minus three degrees. My favourite layer of the Coleman sleeping bag is the brushed lining, this makes the Festival Double a really snuggly place to be and very cosy at night.

As always, Coleman have added some really nice and innovative pieces of design to a long standing piece of camping gear. A great idea was their very clever Zip Plow. This is a chunky, plow shaped piece of plastic which precedes the zip. What this smart little device does is pushes the fabric on either side of the zip away from the teeth. In practice this does a really great job and stops the zip from jamming.

Another great piece of design is something which Coleman have also been doing with their airbeds and tents – making them easy to pack away. If you’ve ever wrestled with a sleeping bag to get it back in its sack then you’ll really appreciate this feature. You simply fold the sleeping bag in half and clip the corners into place. You then simply roll the bag up.

Once rolled, there is a really great little feature of a strap and buckle which hold the roll firmly in place. This makes packing the sleeping bag on your own a real piece of cake and means that you can then go and get the bag with ease.

The bag which the Festival Double fits into is really nicely designed, it’s just like a bigger version of the Coleman Cobra 2 Tent bag. You don’t have to squeeze and strain to get the sleeping bag into the pack as the sack is oversized and goes over the entire sleeping bag with ease. It then has a lid that wraps the whole package up.

In conclusion, the Coleman Festival Double Sleeping Bag is an excellent sleeping bag for cosy couples or luxurious single sleepers. Just because it has ‘Festival’ in the name it doesn’t mean that it is limited to just that. We use this sleeping bag almost every time we go camping and absolutely love it. It’s very comfortable being made from quality materials. It also has excellent pieces of design such as Zip Plows on both sides of the bag so that both of you can easily open the bag up and adjust the temperature to what you personally like. Features such as an internal pocket and convenient and easy packing away make this our preferred sleeping bag to take away together. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to any couple who were after a new double sleeping bag.


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