Christmas Gift Guide For Travellers

If you’ve got a travel mad lad or lady in your life then you may be searching the internet for the perfect stocking fillers for them – well stop your search right now as I’ve collated some personal recommendations for you and the travel lover in your life. If you find this Christmas gift guide useful, you might like to check out my previous Christmas gift guides here.


Jack Wolfskin Packable JWP Pack 18

An awesome present for any traveller is the Jack Wolfskin Packable Backpack. I really love packable backpacks and use them on every major trip I take. They are perfect for allowing you to carry just one large pack but then, after you arrive, you can use the packable pack as a day pack and leave your main bag in your hostel or hotel.

What’s awesome about the Jack Wolfskin Packable JWP is that it stuffs down to a minute 15 x 17 x 7.5 cm and weighs in at just 180g. Ingeniously, the JWP packs down into an integral, internal pocket which is sewn into the bag.

The internal pocket lays against the back of the pack which is perfect for keeping it further away from the grasps of thieves and pick pockets. It’s a really generous size and can fit your valuables nicely. I keep my phone, keys, wallet and passport in this pocket with room to spare. An added bonus is that this pocket has a loop which can be used to securely attach your keys.

On the outside of the bag there are two large and deep pockets which can comfortably fit even my chunky 1 litre Nalgene bottles. Some packs I’ve used have shallow pockets that bottles can easily fall out of, luckily this is not the case with the Jack Wolfskin JWP and my bottles have never even come close to ending up on the floor.

It’s made from a lightweight but hardy ripstop fabric which allows it to pack down compactly whilst being very strong. It can easily handle being in a rain shower too as it has a water column rating of 1500mm. With a capacity of 18 litres and dimensions of 40 x 26 x 18 cm the Jack Wolfskin Packable Backpack is perfect for a day pack when travelling or a summit bag.


Go Travel Triple Packing Cubes

If the person who you’re shopping for likes to take longer trips then the Go Travel Triple Packing Cubes could be the perfect present. These three clever little packages come in a variety of sizes and are excellent for organising your backpack or suitcase.

The three sizes are perfect for a variety of gear, the larger size is great for shirts, jumpers or trousers whereas tees or shorts go nicely in the mid size packing cube. Finally the smallest cube is awesome for socks, accessories and other smaller garments. I personally use packing cubes every time I take my big rucksack travelling; packing cubes allow you to unpack quickly and easily locate the items of clothing you’re after.

Go Travel’s packing cubes are really well made and although they’re lightweight and take up hardly any extra space, they’re still very strong. I like the nice details and design that has gone into these. Each cube has a mesh window which not only allows the clothes to air but also makes it easy to spot what’s inside. They also have a handy grab handle and a full length zip which makes it possible to open the cube right up to allow for easy packing and unpacking.


Go Travel Combi Cable TSA Lock

Another awesome little stocking filler for the traveller in your life is the Combi Cable TSA Lock by Go Travel. These combination padlocks are slightly different from your regular lock. These use an ultra-strong steel cable as part of the locking mechanism. This allows the lock to be used in more versatile and useful ways than a regular padlock, for example I used them to lock my outer case for my large Osprey pack, this wouldn’t be possible with a normal lock but the flexible cable can be woven through the eyelets.

This style of lock is also great for feeding through small zipper holes and works on literally every hostel locker I’ve ever encountered – no matter what shape or size. If you’re travelling to the states it is TSA accepted so security at the airport won’t have to break the lock to access your bag.

You can even daisy chain the two locks together to create a large secure chain, I’ve used this technique to briefly secure my bag to a railing to stop any opportunist running off with it. I’ve found the 3 dial combination code easy to set and very quick to use. I’d highly recommend these as an excellent and great value gift for anyone who likes to travel and see the world.


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