My First Festival

About a month and 7 years ago I went to my very first proper festival. It was Download Festival at Donington Park 13-15 June 2006. Two friends and I traveled all the way up country for hours on the train to come and rock for the weekend. It was awesome and we went again for the next 3 years. I saw Deftones, Tool, Metallica, Guns N Roses, Stone Sour, Funeral For A Friend to name but a few. By the…

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Outdoor Adventures

Ale Review – Betty Stogs from Skinner’s Brewery

  Betty Stogs is Skinners Best selling and most popular beer. I’ll have you know, it’s not without good reason too! (A little back story – This very Cornish beer is named after a native of West Cornwall from Cornish folklore.) Betty is an easy drinking, copper ale with a perfect balance of malt, citrus hops and bitterness, the perfect accompaniment to any pasty! This beer is available bottled and on draught from the finest establishments. If you haven’t had…

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Road Trip To Thorpe Park

  My girlfriend the T4 and I recently took a road trip up to Thorpe Park. It was an awesome day, we met up with some of my friends who were Theme Park regulars and were able to act as our guides and make sure we got the most out of our day. We managed to go on all the big rides at least once, often then queing up to go again in the front seats. My favourite rides were:…

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Bedhead Be Gone…

Whats that? You love Dinosaurs (doesn’t everyone) and what else? You’ve got scruffy hair. Well check out what I got in Old Truro Town it may be of some interest to you:

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How to wax a surfboard…

Thought i’d do a quick post with my technique. Get a wax comb and clean all that used, old wax off your board. Lay down a good layer of basecoat wax. This layer is a harder more durable layer which will stay with the board until you next completely rewax it. You need something hard like a warm water wax for a base. There are loads of different way to put the wax on the board. I generally go for…

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