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Throughout the whole of August, Vicky and I made the most of our Summer Holidays and decided to go on an epic trip. We started in Norway, travelled through Scandinavia, then across mainland Europe through cities, mountains and coastal destinations, ending in Dubrovnik, Croatia. We knew that having the right clothing for the different climates was important, but it was essential that we had the perfect daypack to suit all of our excursions.

Budapest Riut Bag Review
After lots of research, I came across the RiutBag Crush by Riut. Riut, pronounced “riot”, have revolutionised travel. With the help of over 2,500 Kickstarter backers, they have created a series of awesome and original backpacks, perfect for the type of travelling we were doing. We wanted to ensure our things would remain safe – you always read about pick pocketers around major cities and we didn’t want to take the chance, especially as we would be doing lots of hopping on and off trains and buses, walking around crowded cities, plus carrying lots of different currency, cameras, iPhones etc.

Backpack Riut Bag Crush Travel Review
The best part of the bag is its main feature. All of the zips on the bag are on the back. Yes… It is a backwards daypack. This gave us both so much peace of mind throughout the whole journey, especially when getting distracted by the sights and sounds in the major cities, which also happen to be crowded spaces. This ingenious design meant no one could access the contents of the bag whilst we were wearing it. There are two zip pulls on each compartment so that you can align them centrally and no one would even be even able to see them. What sets the Crush apart from the rest of the Riutbag range is that it is ultra light weight and packs down into its own tiny pocket. This makes it ideal for travelling.

Budapest Riut Bag Review Mountain
It is discreet, simple and stylish in its look. We chose the navy, but you can get it in black too. The bag is made from this great reinforced rip-stop nylon and is showerproof. We didn’t have much rain whilst away (I think it was just for 1 or 2 days) but we were thankful for this feature. However, when it was chucking it down, we just used a waterproof bag as a liner inside to keep our camera etc completely bone dry.

RiutBag Crush Bag Travel Review Daypack
I particularly like the bright yellow interior of the RiutBag as it made finding our belongings really quick and easy. On the back of the pack there are three compartments, the main one, a small pocket, at the top of the bag, which is perfect for sunglasses and a medium sized pocket which is great for phones and wallets lower down on the Riut Crush. This lower pocket is also the pocket which the whole bag packs up into.

I would absolutely recommend the RiutBag to every one of my friends whenever they are heading off travelling, be it to a festival, the wild or around the city. We wore the RiutBag Crush almost every day for over a month and it still looks just like new. RiutBags are clearly made very well and the materials are of a high quality. With its padded straps the Riutbag Crush is comfortable to wear all day long.

Crush Backpack Review Riut Bag
We used it:
• Whilst trekking in the Slovakian High Tatras (we used it as a summit pack).
• Sight seeing in Bergen, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Krakow, Budapest, Split and Dubrovnik!
• During trips to the beach and Croatian bays only accessible by boat.
• During day trips to Auschwitz Birkenau in Poland, the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia and the Stockholm Archipelago.
• Whilst travelling by bicycle, tram, speed boat, metro, rowboat, chairlift, bus, ferry, train, taxi, coach, toboggan, funicular and plane.

Crush Backpack Riut Bag Travel Review
And when we weren’t using it, we ‘crushed’ it back into its attached pocket. It folds down very small and fitted easily in our main luggage. When ‘uncrushed’, the bag doesn’t look that large, but I was surprised at how much we could actually fit inside. At 10 litres in size and weighing just 250grams, it really is the perfect daypack for safe and stylish travelling. The RiutBag Crush worked brilliantly – anywhere and everywhere we went.


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