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Sungod Sunglasses Sea
At the end of last year, Vicky and I each got a pair of SunGod Sunglasses, which I very positively reviewed here. These fantastic sunglasses have warn really well and are still in great condition even after us both wearing them a lot before we left and then for a whole month whilst travelling this summer. So, I thought I would do a follow up review to talk about why these sunglasses really are perfect to take travelling and how they fared over the last 6 months at home and abroad. I have the SunGod Renegades with polarised lenses whereas Vicky has the SunGod Classics².

Review Sungod Sunglasses
Our trip took us across Europe, beginning in Scandinavia and ending in Croatia. We were so pleased to have a great pair of shades to take with us, especially ones that look so stylish. During the trip we had to travel on buses, trains, ferries and planes. Thankfully, the SunGods are extremely flexible and bendy so I was not worried about popping them in and out of my rucksack or back pocket. As I showed in my original review, they flex a lot so they will not snap if you accidentally sit down on them. Something I’ve done many times!

Review Sungod Sunglasses Sea
They really are ultra-tough so don’t even need a hard case; a material one will do. Plus the great thing is they have triple-layered scratch resistant coating on the lenses, which is why they have kept in such good nick. Excellent for chucking them in your sandy beach bag!

Sungod Review Summer Sunglasses
As it was August and we were continuing to head south across Europe, it got hotter and sunnier each day, so I was very pleased to have such decent polarised lenses which helped against very bright light. This was particularly useful in the Slovakian High Tatras mountain range. We spent a week here, trekking the range and hiking up to Rysy, the highest point in Poland. As you are very exposed here, it is so vital to have a good pair of sunglasses like the SunGods. Also when you are by the coast, the reflections on water can produce some nasty glare. Polarised lenses cut out a lot of this glare and made our speed boat trips around the Croatian islands even better. Polarisation is a feature that you can add to any pair of SunGods and I would definitely recommend doing so!

Review Sungod Sunglasses Sun Sea Travel
Another thing that makes SunGods excellent travel glasses is the price, because these glasses are very affordable, it wouldn’t ruin your holiday if you lost them. What is even better if you broke them they have a lifetime guarantee, so whatever happens you will always be able to have a pair of SunGods. Thankfully, we didn’t have any issues and have managed to come back with the glasses looking as good as new.

Sungod Sunglasses
They are really comfortable to wear too, never slipping, not even when we were swimming around the Szecheyni Thermal Baths in Budapest or in the warm Croatian waters. They do not seize up (like other glasses I have had) and the hinges have never rusted, even though they have definitely got wet a fair few times!

Sungod Sunglasses Review
What I still love about these SunGod sunglasses is the fact that they are customisable and we both got to choose the frames and lenses that suited us personally. This is excellent as everyone has a favourite colour and personal style. It is much cooler to be wearing your own pair than be wearing the same as other people!

Sungod Review Sunglasses
SunGod sunglasses really are the perfect travel companion, suitable for any type of trip you may be doing. They are stylish, practical, customisable and comfortable plus they are affordable too. What more could you ask for in a pair of sunglasses!

Sungod Sunglasses Travel


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