Hangover Cures – My Top Tips

Everyone at some time or another will get a hideous hangover (some people more than others!) Here are my tops tips, built up previous experience. There is nothing radical here, just some straight forward, simple steps. For me it’s all about getting up and about and being positive.


-1. Get to work before the hangover’s happened – I’ve labelled this one -1 because it happens before the hangover. When you’ve stopped drinking, get something to eat and drink as much water as you can. In Falmouth we have a Subway which is open till 3am, so I always get stocked up with big ol’ tasty sub before I head home. So whatever it is fried chicken, pizza, kebab, get something to eat and down a flood load of water.

1. Get out of bed – The next morning, when you wake up, get up. Laying in bed feeling sorry for yourself is not going to help. My technique is all about being proactive.

2. Hydrate and drug up – Drink more water and get some paracetamol, as quick as a flash, go do it.

3. Brush your teeth and have a shower – It’s all psychological, feeling and smelling well is definitely going to put you in a better state of mind than having badger breath and smelling of whatever you were drinking last night.

4. Fry Up – Now you’re looking like one of the living, go get a fry up, by any means possible. I mean it, beg, borrow, blackmail, just do whatever you can to get some greasy goodness. (fry up can be swapped for your choice of breakfast, but make sure you pig out.

5. Fresh Air – Now you should be starting to feel a lot better. Wherever you are, go for a walk, if you can get down to the coast, even better. That beautiful, fresh, outdoors air is going to clear all the badness out your system. It’s scientifically proven.


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