My Top Festival Tips

After a few festivals i’ve got a few solid gold tips. It would be a crime not to shame them, so lets go, BOOM:

  1. Wet wipes are your god now – at the end of my first ever day at my first festival my friends and I were sitting around admiring our ‘tans’ then on closer inspection, we all realised, this wasn’t sun kissed skin, it was dust covered, dirtyness. Wet wipes are the quickest and easiest way to sort yourself out.
  2. Brioche – It’s awesome for festivals. Its got a really long shelf life, so it will last all festival. Also if it gets crushed in your bag (which it will) it still tastes good and isn’t ruined.
  3. Man up – you don’t need a camping stove – either leave those baked beans in the sun all day to warm up, or just eat them cold from the can. It definitely saves on washing up.
  4. Head lamps are da bomb – You may look like a miner but in the privacy of your own tent they’re the best thing leaving for hands free tenting.
  5. Pack light – It’s always a long que and walk from the car to your pitch site. You don’t want to be quing up for hours in the sun carrying loads of heavy gear.
  6. Everyone dumps all their tents and bits at the end of the festival. A great opportunity to replace all your lost tent pegs. One year a friend of mine fell on my tent and snapped one of the poles. On the Monday morning withing about 20 meters of our camp, I found several tents that the owners obviously couldn’t be bothered to take home – sorted – free replacement tent pole.


Shower ques are long and the showers aren’t nice when you get there. You don’t want to waste precious festival time. Create your own shower and bond with a friend, at the same time with my simple technique.

  1. Get an empty two litre bottles (water or cider will do) fill it up from the taps.
  2. Now get a friend and some shower gel.
  3. Have your friend lift the bottle up above your head. (Tall friends work best, or you’ll need to crouch a bit)
  4. Now they slowly empty the bottle over the top of your head.
  5. Get that shower gel going and wash yourself.
  6. Fill the bottle up again and swap.

***Those aren’t looks of confusion and disgust you’re getting of your fellow campers. They’re looks of envy.***

This simple technique will literally save you hours of queing. If you were really switched on you could even leave the bottle in the sun to get warm.



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