Great Fishing Excuses

Any good fisherman needs a breadth and depth of superb fishing excuses. The minute people see you with rod and reel returning from a trip they will want to ask you “catch much?”. Do in order to save face you need a good excuse on the tip of your tongue. Here are my tried and tested quality excuses:


  • Overfished
  • Global warming
  • North wind
  • East wind
  • South wind
  • West wind
  • Dull hooks
  • Cheap line or tackle
  • Followed another fishermans advice
  • No sandeel about
  • Too sunny (fish are all at the bottom)
  • Too dark
  • Too cloudy
  • Powerful winds
  • Light winds
  • Wrong time of day
  • Brought the wrong tackle
  • Fish are overfed/not hungry
  • Reel kept crowsnesting
  • Sky is too clear
  • Not enough time
  • Sea too still
  • Sea too rough
  • Tide too strong
  • Tide too weak
  • Jinxed
  • Fish aren’t around
  • Incorrect lure colour
  • Fish facing wrong way
  • Wrong moon phase.

Top Tip – you can use a combination of these excuses for even better effect.

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