Volcom – Target Parka Olive Jacket

Winter is coming!

About this time last year I was starting to think about coats, you see I’m normally one of those people that spends all winter thinking I need to get some gloves but doesn’t get round to buying them till April when its finally warming up. Or all summer after some shorts and buys them late September. So last year I thought i’d try and do it differently and buy some apparel at the start of the season.

Anywho enough rambling. I’m about to share with you my winter coat choice. It’s a beauty. I present to you…..

The Volcom Target Parka Jacket in Olive. (Ive just realised that’s the title of this post, which probably somewhat ruined the suspense.)

This jacket is a beast. It’s pretty much the warmest thing ever, it looks manly as hell and its just pure coolness weaved into a coat. When I wear it I feel like i’ve just wrapped myself in one of those wooly mountain jaks, but one that’s been to Toni and Guy and has been pampered and made to smell nice. All the pocket contain fluffy material which feels beautiful on a cold winters day.

(the pictures below are from impericon.com and the guy isn’t me, just a model)

volcom target parka

volcom target parka


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