My Favourite Features of IOS7

IOS7 has just come out and i’m really enjoying it so far. I’ve had my iphone for a year now and the IOS7 update has just made it feel like a new phone, which is great! There are lots of new features, but here is a quick selection of my personal favourites:


1. Control center – This new feature is awesome, a simple swipe up, now reveals the control center. From here you can access all the most common options. It makes the phone much easier to use and it also contains a torch! Woop.



2. Spirit Level – Now when you go to the compass and swipe to the right, you bring up a bubble level. Awesome for anyone who has OCD and likes to make sure all their photo frames etc are perfectly straight.image


3. Weather App – The weather app has now had a refresh not only does it contain added important information but also it has animated backgrounds which reflect your locations current weather.image_1


4. Dynamic backgrounds – Bored of stationary backgrounds? If so then this is the update for you, you can now select dynamic backgrounds which subtly move around and change. Unfortunately there isn’t any choice apart from different colours at the moment.image_3


5. Safari Tabs – Now you can view all your current tabs in this awesome new way. It helps you to quickly and easily see what you’ve got open. image_4


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