My Top Five Graphic Novels


What’s that graphic novels are for geeks? Well maybe some, but not all! Anyway aren’t geeks suppose to be cool now anyway?

I love graphic novels, the best ones are sublime, page after page of beautiful art and story telling. If you haven’t ever read one, then you seriously need to pick one out of this list and have a look. Yeah sure there are some nerdish graphic novels out there but none of the books on this list should be tared with the same brush.

From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell

This massive book tells the story of Jack the Ripper and was made into the popular Johnny Depp movie.


Habibi by Craig Thompson

This beautiful book is definitely worth buying in hardcover. It is an interesting Arabic story which has some of the best illustrations i’ve ever seen. Literally ever pages could be framed, it’s that good.Habibi

The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey

This short rhyme book lists alphabetically the deaths of 26 children. Very macabre and only for the dark of humour, this book would be good for Tim Burton fans and Edward Gorey must have influence Tim along the way.edward-gorey-14

Blacksad by ]Juanjo Guarnido and Juan Diaz Canales

Blacksad is like a 50’s film noir, but with animals for actors. What is great about it, is the selection of different animals for different characters, you can tell what the character will be like just by looking at the authors choice of animal.noir-comics-blacksad-via-paul-charles-smith

The Complete MAUS by Art Spiegelman

This is one of the most thought provoking and heart wrenching books i’ve ever read. It is like Shindlers List told through the medium of mice and cats. This is the book I would show anyone that questions the importance of graphic novels.

maus cover





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