5 Degrees West – Beer and Cider Festival

I spent Saturday afternoon down at 5 Degrees West in Falmouth, it’s normally one of the better pubs in the Town for a good pint, but this weekend, it was definitely the best.  There were over 25 beers and 20 ciders on offer and it was fantastic.

A good beer festival is brilliant for several reasons:

  1. You get to try lots of new beers you probably wouldn’t already.
  2. A room is filled with people who drink too much beer, but they are called beer enthusiasts and not alcoholics!
  3. It’s pretty much the only occasion when I feel it’s acceptable for a man to drink out of a half pint glass.

Anywho, I slyly took notes on my phone about what I was drinking, so there will be lots of reviews coming. (I’m going to spread them out over the next few weeks though)




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