Ale Review – Beach Blonde from Sunny Republic

beach-blonde-050412-final-signed-off - CopyTonight we decided to venture through the rain to Beerwolf in town, our bravery in battling the rain was rewarded, upon reaching Beerwolf we bumped into friends and were greeted by a excellent selection of craft beers.

With many to choose from, I spotted a beer which I had wanted to try at the 5 degrees beer fest, but unfortunately had been sold out. Using the logic of:
‘if it’s sold out, then it must be good’ I plumped for that one.

The beer in question was Beach Blonde from the Sunny Republic Brewery based in Dorset. This beer was the complete opposite of the weather outside, it was a beautiful medicine to the cold, rainy, dark evening.

Beach Blonde is more tropical than Um Bongo, here is why:

  • As you may have guessed, it’s appearance is a beautiful golden colour, reminding me of sand on a desert island.
  • It has a very exotic aroma of grapefruit and mangos.
  • When you take your first sip you get a lovely, big hit of tangy bitterness, this then fades away to a fine, delicate malty flavour which you could drink all night long.

I was deeply sad that it was a school night and I had to work the next day, as this is definitely a session beer that I really wanted more than a solo pint of.

A dark, rainy night in Beerwolf.


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