Why you need Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

There are two massive reasons why you should wear Polarized Sunglasses while fishing.

Number One
They let you see into the water better. Polarized lenses stop reflections and glare, I’m not going to go particularly into how they do this because Its a bit boring and I don’t fully understand it! But that doesn’t matter, what does matter is that it’s true and it will help improve your fishing.

Being able to see into the water helps you spot fish and notice rock and weed formation to avoid or target. It’s really cool to have a better view of the fish, I’ve been out on my kayak and have been able to watch fish stalking my lures.

Stopping the glare which on a bright summer’s day can also make fishing and kayaking a lot more pleasurable and stop you having to squint!

Number Two
Safety. Fishing is a lot more fun with friends, but the more the merrier isn’t necessarily true. The greater your group, the more lures you have flying through the air and even an experienced fishermen can miscast occasionally. If you’ve ever had a treble wiz past your face, you will understand it’s a bit freaky. Sunglasses of any type act as an extra barrier and can help prevent serious injuries. I love fishing with mates but I DON’T want to get blinded!

When choosing Polarized Sunglasses for fishing or kayaking I tend to go for a good quality, but well priced pair. You want a set that will do the job, however if they drop in the water, it wont ruin your day. I also make sure I try them on and get sunglasses that are a good fit and wrap around my head nicely, so I can be confident they will not fall into the water. Kayaking and fishing is definitely the time for a less trendy but more practical pair of sunglasses!



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