101 (almost completely free) Good Feelings – Part 3

Here are another 10 ways to enjoy the little things in life. BOOM:
21. Receiving a handwritten letter – I wish this happened more, you hardly ever get hand written letter 🙁

22. People Watching – I like to give people little back stories and narratives.

23. Finding Money You Didn’t Know You Had – I’m not talking like finding £10 on the street (that has a certain element of guilt if you keep it) But finding money that is yours, you just left in a pocket or something – now that is great.
24. Feet in the sea – Cool, refreshing and amazing. Love it. (P.S. Those are not my feet or legs)

25. Blowing out candles – I think it’s mainly the smell and the fact you normally do it before you eat cake and on your birthday. That’s pavlov’s dog fella!

26. Feeding ducks – Ducks are your friends, feed them up. Not the angry swans though.

27. Getting to the top of a hill – The sense of achievement and knowing you’ve got a downhill walk.

28. Parking really well – You know when you park so well you think it should be documented.

29. That Friday feeling – One word ~ WEEKEND!

30. Stargazing


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