Easy, Cheap + Delicious – Chorizo & Tuna Pizza

I love cooking, but some days you just need some easy, cheap and delicious nosh, so I’m going to do some recipes which are just that. They’re stuff that you can grab, chuck together and enjoy. Nothing posh, nothing fancy, just pure deliciousness.

Here is my first one, it’s a Chorizo & Tuna Pizza.


  • A plain cheese and tomato frozen pizza – £1
  • Tuna chunks in olive oil 85p
  • Chorizo slices £1.44



  1. Put half a can of the tuna onto the pizza.
  2. Spread it about a bit.
  3. Get the chorizo slices and cover the pizza.
  4. Cook in the oven for however darn long the pizza box says.
  5. Take it out before it burns.
  6. Tuck in.

If yours doesn’t look like the picture, you did wrong! –>

There is enough tuna in a can to do two pizza generously. The chorizo will have enough to do two pizza and still some left over for you to scoff your face with. So all together it’s about £4.29 for two or £2.14 each. Now that’s a bargain, absolutely delish and takes a matter of minutes.

P.S. I was totally going to take a photo of the finished pizza, but the thing was too fudging tasty looking and I ate it all up. Soz.



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