VW Transporter T4 – Seat Upgrade

What happens when you put the seats from this – A Mazda RX8:
Mazda-RX-8-Sports-Car-exterior-rear-side -view-silver-2

Into this VW T4?
july 13th 2013 035

This is what the seats in the RX8 look like…
…and here is what the original T4 seats look like…

First thing I had to do was find a scrap pair, now this took a look of scrap yard searching and hunting. But eventually I found a pair in great condition…


Now the first thing I had to do with use an angle grinder to remove all the fittings from the rails on the bottom of the seats. This was time consuming and I had to be really careful that none of the sparks damaged the leather.

Once that was done it was just a matter of attaching the seats to the bases. The rails on the RX8 Seats are slightly wider than the original rails; this meant I had to use two pieces of steel bar per seat to join them. I was careful that when joining the rails to the bases I used high tensile bolts.

july 13th 2013 048

As you can see with the passenger seat in position, there is no real comparison between the two seats, the RX8 seats are so much better looking and add some style to the cab in my van. They also helped greatly with my all black interior.

The drivers seat was electric, so I connected it up to the 12v feeds on the fuse box and it all works perfectly. If you do this, make sure you fuse and ground the connections properly.

Here is my girlfriend enjoying the lovely new stylish, black leather seats.



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