My Wild Man Bucket List

Lots of people have a long list of things they want to do in their lifetime. This is just a relatively short list of things I want to do in the near future, all in the great outdoors.

Catch a Lobster – This has got to be the diamond of underwater foraging. I’d either like to snorkel for one or a bit more realistically, by using a pot.

Zipline – I’d love to have a go at one of those massive, exciting fellas.

Learn how to Forage Seaweed – It’s everywhere around the coastline and it’s completely free plus some of it is super delicious, I’d like to know which!

Go LRF fishing – LRF stands for Light Rock Fishing, which basically means using light equipment to catch smaller, more unusual species of fish from the shore.

Skin, fillet and cook a rabbit – I’m pretty good at filleting and cooking fish, but I’ve never had a go at a land-going meat. This seams like a good place to start.

Learn how to Fly Fish – “The Contemplative Man’s Recreation” is what Izaak Walton once called fly fishing. I really, really want to have a go.

Grow my own food – I imagine having all the vedge to go with my latest catch and making one hellishly satisfying meal. A little vedge patch is a must.

Catch a Dogfish – This is one enigmatic fish that I have never caught.

See a Red Squirrel – The invasive grey are all around and aren’t tricky to spot. It’d be cool to spot one of our native reds, it might take a while for them to come back to Cornwall, so I may have to travel up to Scotland to see one.



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