Bottled Beer Festival

I’m going on Holiday to the Spainish coast (purposeful typo) on Friday, for 10 days. Now this post isn’t a brag, as my holiday is bittersweet; for in the Cornish town of Falmouth on Friday the 25th and Saturday 26th of October, one of my favourite occasions of the year occurs.

Kernow’s largest real ale festival.

Organised by CAMRA and held at Princess Pavilions, the festival plays host to over 200 of the finest real ales, ciders and perries… and I wont be there! Now I’ve been whinging about this since the day I realised the dates clashed, but only yesterday whilst having a particularly ‘first world’ moan about how there aren’t enough beer festivals, did I come up with a solution.

I present to you possibly my best idea ever. I do however, need your help – read to the bottom to find out how!

The Bottled Beer Festival

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Find a day when all your friends are free (I’m thinking weekends, bank holidays, Christmas)
  2. Every single person coming brings a set number of beers (I think somewhere around 10 depending on how long a day/weekend you plan on making it)
  3. All the great Beer Festival essentials need to be there.
    • Good ol’ classics (think Betty Stogs),
    • many unknown ales from around the country,
    • some crazy beers brewed with things like twigs, rice crispies and chicken nuggets,
    • and some of those 10% crazy ‘end of the night’ drinks.
  4. You must each bring some good quality grub, hopefully Cornish produced! I’m thinking a big proper Cornish fry up.
  5. Then it’s swingers rules, except exchange keys for bottles and a bowl for a table.
  6. Share the beers, half pint glasses are a must (it’s the only time you can get away with it)
  7. Top Tip – Put up your old festival dome tent for added authentication.

Now it’s not going to be the same as a real CAMRA beer festival, but for every friend you get another 10 beers to try. Now I guarantee that this will make for a fun, beer filled day!

This is where I need your help:
Which 10 beers should I select? Answers in emails to or tweeted @WildTideUK


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