The Best Music Coming Out Of Cornwall

Cornwall has so many things to offer and culture is definitely right up there. There is a huge amount of awesome music flowing around and out of our great county at the moment, here are three of my top picks:

BackBeat SoundSystem – Losing Faith
The weather is getting even more rainy and rubbish, If you need that summer buzz back watch this new video from probably my favorite Cornish band or check them out on ‘Three On Thursday’ – here.

Whispering Wild – Lily & Meg
Lily and Meg (which I think is a brilliant name for a children’s book) haven’t been around for long but are on a massive upward trajectory, like some sort of Cornish musical NASA launch. Watch and listen to see why:

Sam Williams and the Flock Of Bats – Submarine
Sam Williams and the Flock Of Bats (SWATFOB for short) are the sort of young, talented people that I loath. This is only because I am such a hideously envious creature and totally unmusical. Having said that, their music is so brilliant I can easily forgive them!


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