Classic Cornish Walks – Perranporth Beach

Here is a classic Cornish walk which you’re guaranteed not to get lost on – the entire length of Perranporth beach, from Droskyn Point all the way to Penhale Sands and back. Important: This walk is only achievable at low tide.

This is a fantastic walk to do with your dogs, but note that although dogs are allowed on Perranporth beach every day of the year; that during the summer months of July and August all dogs must be kept on a lead between 10am and 5pm.

Perranporth is a glorious 3 miles of golden, sandy goodness, making this walk a total 6 miles. In my experience it’s a leisurely 2 hour walk, give or take any time you spend exploring or playing with your pooch!

Top Tip – Perran is especially glorious at Sunset so try and start your walk a couple hours before then, so as you finish your trek you will be rewarded with a beautiful display.

A not so sunny day in Cornwall. Far in the distance you can see the other end of the beach!

It is such a great walk for canines – Warning, your car/van will be smelly and sandy after the drive home.

Who doesn’t love cave exploring!

As we reached the other side the sun came out. Half way there – now for the return trek.

It is written that you must touch the rocks when you get to the other side of the beach.


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