Stunning Animal Prints by Debby Mason

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to browse Debby’s stall at the Falmouth Oyster Festival. I fell in absolute love with her work. Debby is a very skilled printmaker who specialises in etchings and mezzotints. She is so good, I even forgive the fact that she lives in Devon!

Debby makes prints of a plethora of natural life, however it was her work on salt water UK species that I was particularly taken with. She had an amazing print of a John Dory on show, which I would really like to purchase one day. Unfortunately I’m trying to be careful with my money at the moment, so limited myself to just some cards. My favourite being the lobster which is at the bottom of this post.

When reading about Debby, I have been so very pleased to see how interested she is in protecting our seas and those creatures that live in and around them. Everyone who enjoys the oceans in whatever way, needs to understand what us humans are doing to our precious seas. It’s brilliant to see someone who clearly loves and takes so much pleasure from the natural world, giving something back to help protect it.

Please have a look at Debby’s website here:

photo lobster


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