Choosing a Waterproof Coat

As an outdoors man a quality waterproof coat is right at the top of things to own. I’ve recently upgraded to this Karrimor Elite Alpiniste 2 eVent Jacket and wanted to talk you beautiful people through what to look for when choosing a new waterproof jacket. I’ve chosen this one as it fulfills my three main criteria for keeping dry and comfortable, even if it’s raining sideways. Not only this but it’s well fitted and looks smart.

Waterproof – It’s a bit of an obvious one, but you’ve got to look carefully. Not all coats are properly waterproof, lot’s use expressions like ‘showerproof’ or ‘water resistant’, this isn’t what you want. What you need is a proper 100% waterproof coat that is going to stop everything that Mother Nature chucks at you, not just ‘resist’ a little bit of it.


Breathable – This is a must for anyone that’s thinking about doing anything active in their coat. If you’re coat isn’t breathable it’s going to trap all your sweat and make you over-hot, damp and uncomfortable. You need a coat that will let your sweat quickly evaporate out, but without letting any of the wind or rain in.


Windproof – I’m not talking about stopping the results of last nights campfire beans. I’m talking about stopping gusts that would give Michael Fish nightmares. The wind getting through cheap fabric and zips will add so much to the cold and you’ll be chilly in no time.

My girlfriend and I went for a walk on the South coast path, I thought it was a good opportunity to take the Karrimor for a test drive. It was definitely a huge success, it kept me really warm and dry even in the pretty harsh winds and the occasional shower. I hope this brief guide has given you a few things to ponder before you choose your next jacket.



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