Cornish Miners and LED Headlamps

As a Cornishman I feel as though I have a natural affinity for mining. This feeling was increased after I bought this miners light style headlight from Bronzemoon Outdoors. The headlight is uber bright. I’ve been using it this week while looking after my dad chickens and it’s paid dividends. Going up in the dark to close up all the chicken coups has been made super easy with this headlamp, as it leaves both hands free to lock up hutch doors. With the winter now over us and it being pitch black not long after 5; having a decent torch is pretty important if you live out in the country, where street lamps don’t exist. It’s comfortable, bright and easy to use, read on to find out more…

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What I really like about this lamp compared with ones I’ve owned in the past is its zoom function. You can either have the light shining out at a wide angle and illuminating your whole field of view, or you can pull out the lamp to create a narrower but long range ray of light. I found this very useful when wanting to have a quick peak at strange and scary noises in the distance!

With all the power on top you may expect the headlamp to be heavy and uncomfortable but because it uses clever LEDs it’s actually really light and comfortable, so much so that I always forget I’m wearing it. Excellent little gizmo that I’ll definitely be taking on my next camping or night fishing trip.


Above I can’t lie, no one has ever looked good with a headlamp on. There was no way I was putting a photo of me wearing one anywhere near the internet, so I’ve used my classical art friend as a bit of a model. The photo on the left shows the light when it’s in ‘wide angle’ mode and the photo on the right shows the lamp when its in ‘zoomed’ mode.

Below The photos don’t do it justice but on the left you can see the illumination when the lamp is in the ‘wide angle’ mode. On the right you can see what it looks like in comparison when it’s zoomed in.

headlamp light


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