Things to always have in your car or van!

You never know when you’re gonna be out later than expected. That’s why I always keep a ton of gear in the back of my van ‘just in case’. There are literally a million reasons why you might get caught out somewhere and end up staying later or needing extra supplies:

  1. You’re invited on a really cool night out.
  2. The van breaks down and you’re stranded (you obviously don’t have a VW)
  3. Blizzards and tundra appear and leave you unable to travel.
  4. You are on a road trip and decide to stay an extra night.
  5. Zombie apocalypse.

See that was five reasons and I could have easily written another 999,995. Anyway because of all these impending events and occasions I keep a stash in my van, here are some ideas of things you might keep horded in your automobile. (I don’t keep all of these in my van, but probably should!)

Things to always keep in your car or van!SONY DSC
  • A torch or a headlight
  • Wheel changing gear (don’t forget your locking wheel nut key!)
  • Multi-tool or penknife
  • Map
  • Paper towels or wetwipes!
  • Carrier bags
  • Snacks
  • A hoody
  • Sunglasses
  • Picnic blanket
  • Parking change
  • Bottled water
My two recent additions

I’ve recently added two new items to my ‘Van survival kit’ a Waterless Wash Kit and a Camouflage Poncho, both from Filthy Fox (which is a cool festival gear shop I found). First off lets waffle about the Waterless Wash Kit! This thing is perfect for festivals too, when showers are dirty and ques are horrific. It contains shampoo, conditioner, body wash – just massage them in, then towel dry. No need for H2O. Some expanding cleaning wipes and disposable toothbrushes are also included, which make this great if you’ve had an unexpected night somewhere and need to freshen up.

Wash kit bag Inside kit

Finally lets pontificate about the poncho! This is no 99p glorified binliner which you might buy at Thorpe Park before going on the log flume! No, this is a high quality, super waterproof and breathable poncho which is gonna keep you nice and dry. Being camouflaged, you can also pretend you are a soldier or use it to sneak up on your friends at festivals. It’s kept in this little bag which cleverly becomes a pocket when you remove the poncho.

Poncho2 Poncho1


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