Truro City of Lights 2013

Have you heard of the City of Lights?

Basically every year in Truro, at the start of the Christmas season and the week before late night shopping starts, there is a parade through Cornwall’s great city. Children from Schools and other organisations make massive lanterns in all shapes and sizes and parade them through the city accompanied by marching bands of different styles. This year there was a great selection of giant lanterns, some of which were even articulated and moved!

It was a freezing cold night, especially as we were standing still, waiting then watching the City of Lights Parade in the bitter wind. I was able to keep nice and toasty as underneath my stylish attire I was wearing a secret…

The T-Rex gets two photos because it was my favourite!
City Of Lights 2013

Truro Cathedral looks beautiful every night but it looks especially gorgeous at Christmas time.

My secret undergarments were not my super hero costume or ladies pants, but a thermal delight! For hidden beneath by jeans I was wearing a pair of Heat Holders Thermal Long Johns and under my coat, hoody and tee I had their Thermal T shirt. I especially love the long johns as they fit snugly under my jeans and really do keep me so brilliantly warm. I can tell I’m going to be a total long john addict all winter long. Normally during cold weather I just layer up tee upon tee until I resemble the Michelin Man. With the Heat Holders T Shirt there is no need for this as it must have the thermal qualities of several regular t shirts. I really recommend that if you’re a long john virgin that you give them a go!

heatholders thermal


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