Christmas Gifts For Surfers #3 – Eco-Fashion Clothing

This is a gift that is perfect for surfers, any eco-minded guy or gal or even yourself! Rapanui create clothing that is as good for our earth and environment as they possibly can. They do this by concentrating on a few different aspects:

  • Eco-materials – Rapanui use organic cotton and other smart materials such as hemp, bamboo and eucalyptus.
  • Ethical – by ensuring every person in the supply chain gets a fair deal all the way down to the farmers.
  • Traceable – all the materials can be traced back to their origin, from seed to shop.
  • Renewable energy – wherever possible Rapanui use renewable energy to ensure their products have a good carbon footprint.


A fantastic idea from Rapanui is the “Ecolabel”, basically you know when you look at food in the supermarket and it displays how good (or bad) it is for you, or when you look at electrical items and they tell you how energy efficient they are? The “Ecolabel” is the same thing, but to inform you how eco-friendly the item of clothing is. I love this idea and hope that it’s adopted by more brands and allows more consumers to make good choices.


When wearing Rapanui not only will you feel happy and confident in the small impact your clothing choices are having on mother nature, but also you will feel very comfortable as their fabrics are soft and very gentle on your skin. You will be walking around with the same good feeling you get after you give to charity AND you’ll be looking darn cool. They stock a great range of simple, stylish basics as well as some fantastically designed, quirky garments.

Check. Them. Out.