Christmas Gifts For Surfers #4 – Ripcurl Changing Robe

This is a great gift for any surfer or water sports enthusiast. A hooded changing robe is the gift that keeps on giving and everyone needs one in their life! Basically it has two great benefits:

Number One
It keeps you warm and toasty. In the cold bleak winter the worst thing about surfing is getting changed in and out of your suit. This simple invention makes changing a breeze and lets you get into your warm and snugly clothes ASAP, as you don’t need faff about with wrapping towels around your waist. A hood on the robe allows you to save all that heat that otherwise would be lost off the top of your head.

Number Two
It keeps your family jewels safe and sound and out of site. No one wants to expose themselves to fellow beach goers and with this awesome robe you are ensured an indecent exposure free surf.

The Ripcurl robe is long and made of a thick towel which will soak up all that post surf sea water. Embroidered in white on the front is the Ripcurl logo which really stands out on the black robe. I’ve got one of these and use it all the time, buy this, wrap it up and you’re guaranteed a happy surfer on Christmas day.


In winter weather like this – a robe is definitely a must have.

The classic logo on the front!


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