Rocking Out With Modern Rocking Chairs

When you think of rocking chairs, you probably imagine an old lady sat doing some knitting with her cat in front of the fire. I’ve recently bought a rocking chair, but not one for grannies. Mine is stylish, sophisticated and modern, as I have purchased an awesome Eames style rocking chair. It’s absolutely brilliant, here’s why:

Genuine Eames style chairs cost hundreds of pounds but you can pick one of these up for under £50 and the quality is just as good. The seat is molded in one piece from ABS plastic, so the colours are bright and consistent. Attaching the plastic seat to the high quality beech wood runners are chrome plated rods, these give the chair a strong and hard wearing frame whilst keeping the chair light and elegant.

I found that this rocking chair looks fantastic from every angle. It would look good in a collection of chairs or as an individual piece, that would really catch your eye. They’re available in several colours, suiting all interior colour schemes. Being made from one piece of plasic makes this chair very easy to keep clean and looking brand new.

Sitting and rocking in the chair feels comfortable and relaxing. I find myself swaying in it without really thinking. Bobbing back and forth is just great and it doesn’t creak or do anything that would disturb you from watching tv or whatever you’re doing. So why let grannies have all the fun? Get a cool rocking chair for yourself!



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