Three of the Worlds Best Forests

I love forests. Standing in a forest crammed full of gigantic trees makes you feel really small. It’s a great leveler knowing that these trees; some of which may have stood since the time of the Romans, will be around for hundred of years after you have left this world. I find that it puts all my tiny ‘first world problems‘ into perspective.

Sequoia National Forest, California – USA

Named after the Giant Sequoia tree, the largest of which is 269 feet tall with a trunk diameter of 35 feet.

Sagano Bamboo Forest – Japan

This is one of the most loved natural areas in all of Japan, not just because of the beautiful landscape but also because of the enchanting sound that the wind makes as it blows through the bamboo forest.

Black Forest – Germany

The Romans named it The Black Forest because of the lack of light, which is due to the very dense trees.


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