Sublow Clothing – Stylish, Cool and Cornish

When I spotted Sublow on twitter I knew they were a brand I could connect with. Sublow was founded by Rich and Didi, who both met at Falmouth Uni and after finishing have stuck around to enjoy all that Cornwall has to offer. They share a love of music, skating and free-living which is represented in their stylish designs.

There are three big things I like the most about Sublow:

Number One
The design and styling of Sublow clothing has got to be some of the coolest around. They collaborate with other artists, designers, photographers and illustrators and their creative designs are at the heart of their brand. I can’t wait to see what other things they have on the horizon.

Number Two
Making sure all their clothing is environmentally friendly and ethically sourced is right at the top of Sublow’s to-do list. They do everything as sustainably as possible and use all organic clothing. If you can wear clothing that is good for this world and the people that live on it, then why wouldn’t you?

Number Three
All thier designs are printed by hand, this allows them to ensure their garments are top notch and high quality. When my tee arrived it had a label on it telling me when it was printed and whose handy work it was. You can pay a lot more for a T shirt and not get that sort of handmade quality. I’ve popped one of their videos at the bottom of the article; where they show us the entire screen printing process from start to finish.

I got this Burgundy Sublow Tee last week. It’s flippin’ awesome and I love it, a really, really cool design which looks like Carol Vorderman lost all her vowels and tried to write Sublow with just consonants! Oh and check out the sweet box it arrived in, have a peak…





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