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I’m not going to lie, I’d never heard of Qwertee before Christmas. My brother came down for the festive period and had a really cool selection of tees, which spanned funny, cult, obscure, geek, film, TV and games. I was intrigued as to where he had got these T shirts as I hadn’t seen the designs before, they clearly weren’t the ones you get in HMV that you see loads of other people with. That’s when he told me about Qwertee.

Basically, Qwertee is a T shirt shop like no other. Here are some numbers to explain how it works:

  1. An artist submits a design to Qwertee.
  2. All the T shirts are then voted on by the public (that’s you and I).
  3. Every day a T shirt is selected to print.
  4. The selected tee is sold for just £8.
  5. BUT just for 1 day / 24 hours / 1440 minutes / 86400 seconds.
  6. …and then It is never sold again.

So what you end up with is a shop that sells one awesome tee a day, which is super cheap and because it’s only on sale for 24 hours – you aren’t going to see loads of other people wearing it. The range and selection of T shirts is awesome, they cover all kinds of cult film, TV and games. Like Breaking Bad, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. You might think that at only £8 the quality might be lacking but honestly it’s not, I’ve got a few of their T shirts and the quality is great. They make proper decent T shirts with printing that stands the test of time.

I will just warn you though, Qwertee is highly addictive. I do find myself checking their site daily, just in case today is the day they have the most epic and coolest tee ever. Down below I’ve gathered some of my favourite designs, to show to you all and to prove just how awesome they are. I wish I had them all!

Just where else could you find a Stewie Griffen / Jon Snow T Shirt!



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