Walking and Rehyrdating with the Water-To-Go Bottle

This week I went out for another Cornish winter walk to soak up a bit of the non-rainy weather and to test out my new Water-to-Go bottle. Compared to a lot of the weather recently it was gorgeous, totally stunning with only 60% or so cloud coverage – pretty much tropical! We stomped through the countryside spotting wildlife, livestock, mud and other such bumpkiness (I’m pretty sure I just invented that word – someone make sure I get credit in the next edition of the dictionary). Anywho, I hadn’t taken any water with me but I had brought a rather special bottle along…


So let’s get to this water bottle. Normally a simple water container isn’t worth writing about, the thing is this bottle isn’t simple – this bottle is literally space age! The Water-to-Go bottle uses actual NASA technology to filter your water on the go. The filter technology inside was developed by real life space geniuses but you don’t have to be Neil Armstrong to use it, any regular Joe like you and I can give it a go. I’m not going to try and explain exactly how it works because A. I cant and B. You probably wouldn’t care anyway. (There is a video at the bottom that will tell you!)


Aesthetically the bottle doesn’t look much different to a normal, run of the mill water bottle. It’s made of Black BPA free plastic and has a quality, rubber feeling grip around it with their logo on. Where the Water-to-Go shows it is different is on the inside. Attached to the lid is the super smart filter that gets rid of 99.9% of ALL contaminants, making almost all water (apart from sea water) drinkable.


I knelt down next to a small river (or large stream) and filled up the bottle. You don’t need to do anything else. As you drink from the bottle the water is pulled through the special filter and all the badness (scientific word) is removed! The filter lasts for 200 litres or about 3 months if you drink 2/3 bottle fulls every day. This can make for some massive savings if you use it to filter tap water rather than forking out for fancy bottles of Evian or Volvic water!


As you can see clean, clear water flows out from the bottle, no matter what you put into it. The water tasted totally pure, I’ve tried it on dodgy tap water and it works a treat on that too. I was really amazed that such a basic looking piece of gear could do such a complex and sophisticated purpose. As we came to the end of our walk we spotted this daffodil which starting to flower. Spring has sprung!


If you want to find out even more about the Water-To-Go Bottle check out this video which tells you all about it…


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