5.11 Tactical TMT A1 Torch Review – Big Things In Small Packages

As I always say great things come in small packages (I’ll let you insert your own joke there). The 5.11 Tactical TMT A1 fully conforms with this proverb and is a whole lotta torch crammed into a small package. When I ordered it I pondered over what made it tactical and wondered why everything I had read about it had been so positive.

Upon it’s arrival my queries were quickly answered. The TMT A1 is all the torch you could want and in a compact size that would fit in the palm of your hand (it’s just 11cm). Despite being powered by just one AA battery it offers over 50 minutes of uber bright (130 lumens) light. If you fancy your batteries lasting even longer you can use the torches lower mode which will last for over an amazing 11 hours. In order to attract attention in an emergency it has a third function which is a strobe setting. You select these different modes, not by cycling through them (which is always a pain) but by clicking differently on the button. Once for bright, twice for lower and thrice for epileptic fit inducing strobe mode.

5.11 Tactical really have spent time and thought when designing this torch. This is made obvious by the myriad of smart features it has; around the torch is an anti-roll ring which will stop it rolling off any flat surfaces. In order to be stored and carried with ease it has a pocket clip and also a lanyard strap which will break-away if snagged or caught on anything. Created with endurance and durability in mind the TMT A1 is also made from Aerospace grade aluminum which makes it tough as it’s impact and water resistant.

My favourite feature and the final thing I will speak about is the torches momentary-on switch. What this means is that you don’t have to click the button on to use the torch you can just press down on the button slightly and it lights up. I’ll admit this doesn’t sound particularly exciting or useful but it really is, it makes using the torch in quick bursts really easy and effortless. This really is a quality bit of kit that I do wholeheartedly recommend.

Below I’ve taken some photo of the torch in use. I placed my camera on my tripod and kept the settings the same for every shot to keep the test completely fair. The camera is a bit zoomed in to show the distance this torch can reach. The uber bright mode (the last photo) illuminates to a very far distance, pretty much as far as your eye would be able to make something out. What I was really impressed with was how far the energy saving low mode reaches, It’s much further than just the area around your feet and would be perfect for using whilst walking at night.

The dark lane with no torch and no street, star or moon light to illuminate it. (It is supposed to be black)

Using the lower more energy efficient mode.

Using the uber bright high mode.


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