Three On Thursday – Metric

Metric are my favourite thing to come out of Canada since maple syrup and just like the ultimate pancake topping they’re tasty, sticky and delicious (I apologise for that slightly tedious and broken simile). I don’t know whether it’s just because they are female fronted and a bit grungy at times but they always remind me of Garbage – this is good.

I first stumbled across Metric when trying to find out who wrote the song Black Sheep from the film Scott Pilgrim vs The World, which is not only a great film but also has an awesome soundtrack. I noticed Metric in the background of an advert on TV the other day and that’s what has inspired me to choose them for Three On Thursday this week. Enjoy! (Gold Guns Girls is my personal favourite)

METRIC – Gold Guns Girls

METRIC – Black Sheep

METRIC – Youth Without Youth


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