Making Lego Dust Caps

I’m gonna give you a little how-to of an awesomely simple mod. This is one of the coolest, cheapest and easiest mods around. It’s so good I definitely should have done it sooner! What makes this mod even better is that it’s adaptable, you could use them on a bicycle, motorbike, mountain board, anything that has valve caps. You can also use something else instead of Lego and come up with all sorts of crazy dust caps.

Here is what you need to make your own Lego dust caps:

  • 4 pieces of lego ~ I’d always call these four-ers
  • 4 dust caps ~ You can buy pretty much a million for a quid on ebay – bargain.
  • A Stanley knife
  • Glue ~ I went for a hench two part epoxy

Lego Dust Caps

First things first, get Stanley and cut out the tube part inside the bottom of the Lego pieces. Try not to self harm.

Lego Dust Cap

Once you’ve got all the Lego pieces emptied out, you need to mix up your glue and fill the little blocks about 3/4 of the way up. Then insert the valve caps and make sure they stay central and upright.

Lego Block Dust Cap

Even though the glue will probably set a lot sooner, I would leave them for a day before I took them outside and put them on the van (better safe than sorry).

Lego Valve Cap

That’s it,

I told you it was simple. Now you just have to sit back enjoy and wait for them to be pilfered.

Red VW T4


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  1. Lego Man
    September 7, 2014 / 11:51 pm

    Or instead of raiding your kids lego box buy some!

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