Hide and Seek! Jack Pyke Clearview Hide Net Review

The weather has finally started to dry out and is, at last, looking a bit less winter and a bit more spring! After work on Friday, a good friend and I decided to seize the opportunity to enjoy the Cornish outdoors in the fine weather by going for a bit of low key shoot. It’s the sort of thing I love, a great chance to get out in the fresh air and catch up.

I took my new Jack Pyke Clearview Hide Net along for it’s maiden voyage. The net measures 4m x 1.5m which is more than big enough to create whatever set up you desire. The main feature of the Clearview Hide is that, as the name suggests, it’s almost opaque from one side and very translucent from the other. This is very useful and means that from inside the hide; you can get a great view of the area whilst staying hidden from view.

This is what the hide looks like from outside…
Jack Pyke Hide

…and this is what it looks like from the inside! Quite a difference huh?
Jack Pyke Hide View

Although the hide net is very lightweight and thin, as we started to put it into position, it became apparent that appearances were deceiving and it was made from a very tough, strong and durable material. It took quite a bit of yanking and maneuvering over sharp branches without becoming ripped or damaged.

We were using the hide for taking shots with guns, however it would be just as useful for shooting with a camera. The ability to look around your surroundings whilst remaining hidden is a real blessing for wildlife photography. If you were to cut a few slits in it, you’d be able to poke your lens out without scaring off your camera fodder too.


Shotgun Shot Ejected

On this particular evening we were pretty useless aims and rather unsuccessful shots but that didn’t matter in the slightest. We had a great stealthy, whispered chat in the hide and a nice wander around some fields with the shotgun and rifle. That’s what lots of country pursuits are all about, not necessarily achieving what you set out to, but soaking up your surroundings and having fun regardless.

Used Shotgun Shells


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