The Zippo Venetian Lighter – A Classic

Some products are synonymous with a brand that makes them:

Jeans – Levis
MP3 Players – iPods
Sunglasses – RayBans

If I said lighters then I’m pretty confident that I know what you’d say…


Zippo Lighter Venitian

I’ve Venitian Zippo Lighteralways loved Zippo lighters but have never actually owned one, until now! My admiration for Zippo lighters started a fair few years ago, when I was a young lad in Scouts. The Scout leader had a silver Zippo that he would start by striking on his leg. I can clearly remember coveting his faithful fire starter.

I don’t smoke and never have, so I’ve never really owned many lighters in my life. Yes the odd disposable one, but never a long term quality item. A lighter is an invaluable accessory for any fan of the outdoors, especially if you enjoy camping, bushcraft or cooking outside. With this in mind I decided to treat myself to my very first Zippo lighter. I love it and am hopefully that it will accompany me on many an adventure.

Their range is massive; but eventually I managed to make a choice and opted for the Zippo Venetian Lighter. With so much selection over at Military 1st, It was hard to come to a decision, In the end I went for this little beauty as it has a very sophisticated aesthetic which goes with Zippo’s always high-end quality. It has a brilliant design on the front and the back, as well as an initial panel on the front for personalising for yourself or as an awesome present.

Zippo Lighter Flame

As you can see from the photos, the design of this lighter is stunning. It’s made from high polished Venetian chrome that has this stylish, elegant design etched onto it. The etching makes the Zippo even more tactile and fantastic to hold and use. As with all of their lighters it makes that unique sound when it’s opened and works flawlessly in all conditions including windy weather. If you want to light your next campfire with a top notch lighter then I really recommend you get one like this. With their lifetime guarantee you can be confident that you’ll be starting fires for a long time if you do!

Zippo Lighter


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