Coleman Powerhouse Lantern Review – Two Mantles are Better Than One

The Coleman LanternColeman Powerhouse Lantern is a 2 Mantle Lantern that is simple to use and cheap to fuel. I just can’t think of lanterns without imagining Cornish mines and miners, that’s why I decided to take my new Coleman Lantern down to a local mining engine house to test it out.

If you were a Cornish miner over 200 years ago, you’d have loved to of got your grubby mitts on one of these beasts; Powerhouse is a very fitting name, this thing glows like crazy! It can output 200W of light, which is more than enough to light your campsite or even work by.

What’s more is that as it runs off unleaded petrol or Coleman liquid fuel, it can run for up to 14 hours, so it will last for a lot longer than battery lanterns! I love that you have the option of using petrol as it’s readily available anywhere you go, you can literally take this lantern all over the world and still be able to readily find fuel for it!

Lighting the Powerhouse is a breeze, you just turn the gas on to high and pop a long match up towards the mantles and then lumos the Powerhouse comes to light. Loading the fuel is easy as it gets with a foolproof funnel. Once the fuel is in the tank you just need to give it a few pumps to get the pressure up and you’re ready to go.

Lantern Mine Coleman

The Powerhouse gets it’s awesome illumination from two mantles, whereas most lanterns just have one. If you find the maximum brightness a bit overkill or simply want to preserve fuel, you can lower it with the lanterns adjustable light output. The only possibly downside to big power is the slightly bigger than average dimensions, it’s over 30cm high and weighs 1.6kgs. In the grand scheme of things this isn’t really very large and I believe that the uber luminosity more than makes up for this. It may not be a backpackers choice but it’s perfect for camping!

Coleman Lantern Mantle Fuel

Lantern Mine Coleman Logo

Well made and brilliantly designed I can tell I’ll be using it for many camping trips to come. As you can see from the final photo below the Coleman Powerhouse 2 Mantle Lantern is stunningly bright and will light up a wide area around you. Not only this but it’s a radiant beacon that can be seen from a far.

Lantern Mine


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