Globe Bantam ST Review

I’ve just got a new skateboard in the form of the Globe Bantam ST. This is the latest plastic skateboard from Globe and it’s a bit smaller and lighter than the last Bantam. I’m guessing the ST stands for swallow tail, which is an awesome feature of the board, it gives a little nod to surfing and just looks plain sweet.

As I said, this board is a bit smaller than their last one, it’s only 23 inches long whereas it’s predecessor was 24. It’s also a bit thinner and lighter too. Not that the original Bantam was a heavy weight, but this makes it even more portable and great for taking out and about with you, as carrying the board isn’t a chore at all. It’s got brilliant 59mm 78a wheels, which are nice and soft and real good for cruising around, especially when surfaces are not as smooth as you’d like.

Globe Bantams are available in loads of colours and patterns, I went for the Neff Palms design. The cool and quirky patterns are printed on the board so the only problem is that you can scuff the awesome designs off when you start trying to do tricks and giving the board some real use.

I’m totally in love with this board, I’ve had it in the back of my van since I bought it. I’ve been using every opportunity I get to ride it. It’s the perfect board for casual cruising and just having fun on.

Skate Globe Falmouth

Neff Palms Globe Bantam ST

Globe Bantam ST Neff Palms

Skate Globe Bantam Falmouth

Globe Bantam Fish Eye
Have a look at the two videos below, the first is Globe’s ad for the S.T. board. The second is a guy with some serious skills cruising Barcelona with the original Globe Bantam.


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  1. Teddy
    February 27, 2016 / 7:47 pm

    Thanks, this really helped me. I couldn’t choose between the Globe Bantam and the Globe Bantam ST. And your design is so epic!

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