Decorating the Man Cave with Cable and Cotton

In my man cave there are two types of lighting, on and off. I wasn’t even aware that you needed a greater variety of lighting than that. Until one day, my educated girlfriend told me about a new type of lighting which is in between on and off. It’s called mood lighting. This is the sort of lighting that apparently you want when hanging about, chilling in the evening. I’ve been told the benefits are that it’s less intrusive and more peaceful than my previous, on lighting mode and easier to navigate around the room, read etc than my old off lighting mode.

I’ve been able to achieve this new variety of lighting through use of a set of string lights from Cable and Cotton. If you are wondering what ‘string lights’ are then I’ll illuminate you on the subject (lighting pun), string lighting is a new term marketing people have come up with for fairy lights. I’m cool with this, as no respectable man cave can have fairy anything in it; fairy lights, cakes, even liquid are all banned.

What is cool about these string lights is that you get to choose which colours you get and in what order they are threaded. Given my passion for the ocean I picked mine with a bit of a sea coloured theme in mind. I whacked them up over my The Great Wave off Kanagawa print, and Bobs your uncle, instant masculine mood lighting. An easy way to increase your lighting options and keep your better-half happy. They would also look swell when hung up outside for a BBQ or party. (They’re not waterproof though, so don’t put them up in the rain or go taking them into the shower!)

Cable and Cotton Lights

Cable and Cotton

Lights Cable and Cotton

Cable Cotton String Lights


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