A Woodland Walk Down To The Sea

A couple weeks ago my girlfriend and I went on a lush little wander down to a very cool and lesser known Cornish beach. It’s off the beaten track and is one of my favourite beaches, especially in summer as it’s not known by tourists and locals alike.

There is no car park, you simply park up on a country road and walk down what looks like someones drive until you see a small woodland path. From the top you can see the rich blue Cornish sea, which invites you down the hill. The vista is fantastic, with farmed fields to your right and buzzards soaring high above on the sea breeze. As you wander through the woods, flowers like bluebells line your way.

regatta walk
We had decided to take a packed lunch with us and I’d packed it all up in a cool new Regatta day pack. The bag is really cool and has an awesome vintage look, but because it’s not actually yonks old it wont fall apart as it’s built to last with modern, hard wearing fabrics. I love how it’s so functional and good looking at the same time.

regatta bag

regatta logo
It was a great stroll through the woods, as you can tell from the absurdly happy look on my face. I’d decided to wear a new jacket, which was also from Regatta. I was prepared for the worst weather, as the weather man had said that we could have a short shower, so had decided to wear this waterproof coat. Luckily there was no rain, in fact it was super hot and sunny. Even more fortunately, the jacket is breathable so I didn’t get hot and bothered. Within a short while, we were down by the beach.

regatta jacket
When we arrived at the beach, we began searching for our perfect spot. As you can see from the photo the coast is quite rocky on first appearance, however in between the rocky gulleys are small, individual sandy beaches. What is great about these, is that each one is secluded and much more private than a big popular, mainstream beach.

Cornish Coastal Walk
We sat down in a sunny secluded spot and filled our bellies. Once fat on picnic delicacies, like pork pies, we chilled out and hunted for sea glass. I am sorry, I’m not going to tell you the location of my secret beach, that would kind of spoil it. What I advise though, is that you leave the beaten path and go searching for your own secret spots. I know they are all around us…

sea walk


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