Bellroy Elements Pocket a Waterproof Leather Wallet Review

If Bellroy Wallet Packagingyou are anything like me and love adventuring outdoors, then you will have been frustrated by some of your belongings not being able to stand up to the elements. I recently got a Bellroy Elements Pocket Wallet in the hope it would fit in with my lifestyle perfectly.

If you haven’t heard of them before, Bellroy specialise in creating awesome, slim, stylish wallets for all kinds people. Bellroy don’t make anything accept wallets, I love this as it means that they are more interested in creating perfectly designed wallets than bringing out a range of other merchandise. The quality of the gear they create is amazing. I’m not normally one for photos of packaging but check out the sort of thing their wallets arrive in when you buy one! I decided to go for their pocket size wallet from their Elements range (in the slate colour). The Elements range gives extra protection for outside living with added defence against rain, sand, snow and grit. Perfect for coastal living!

They achieve this extra protection by using a hardwearing and water-resistant zip which keeps all the elements out. Bellroy also use their special water resistant all-weather leather. These two features ensure that your important and precious monies are kept safe and sound. I was really impressed with the zip it’s the sort of thing that you would find on a high-end waterproof coat.

Bellroy Pocket Elements Waterproof Sand
I knew when I was photographing this wallet that I wanted a sweet shot of it sat on the beach, near a lapping wave, so I wedged the corner of the wallet into the sand and waited for the perfect shot. Only before I took the cool shot that you see above, this happened:

Bellroy Elements Waterproof
The wallet got completely mullered by a freak wave. I jump up and grabbed the wallet before it got washed out but it had still been completely submerged for a couple of seconds. This is exactly the sort of thing that could happen if you dropped your wallet into a puddle anywhere. Well if you are as clumsy as me anyway!

After I picked it up, I gave it a shake and with some trepidation opened the wallet up. Luckily, the Elements Pocket did its job perfectly and all my cash and cards were totally bone dry, I was really impressed! Furthermore after shoving the wallet into the sand multiple times, the tight stitching around the waterproof leather had kept all of the sand out. After a bit of a brush off the wallet looked totally brand new.

Bellroy Elements

A pocket size, slim, leather wallet…

So what gives this wallet the name pocket? Well here it is in comparison with my old, regular, every day wallet. It’s much more sophisticated and at just 7.4 x 10cm it’s definitely going to fit in all pockets. When you look at the photos you can see that this wallet is only a bit larger than a bank card and won’t be bulking out your back pocket.

Bellroy Pocket Elements
With such a slim wallet my primary concern was not being able to actually fit anything into it. The Bellroy Elements Pocket is like a Tardis though, so don’t have any fears about not being able to fit your finances into it! For such a sleek wallet it can fit loads in. Here is a little run down of what it will hold.

  • Internal pocket for tri-folded notes
  • Central cavernous card area for lots of cards
  • Coin pocket or extra card storage
  • Key stash (I really like this feature)
  • Slot for storing a SIM card
  • Hidden pocket for cards or cash

Along with all this, the wallet is made from really nice, top notch quality leather and is a very tactile object to hold. I’ve already noticed it making my life a little easier and less bulky. If you spend lots of time outdoors and want to streamline what you carry with you, I really recommend this wallet.

Bellroy Pocket Elements Insides
So with all the cards removed from the centre, on the left you can see that extra hidden card or cash area as well as the coin slot. On the right you will notice the key and SIM card slots with the main notes pocket behind.

Bellroy Pocket Elements Inside 4


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  1. December 29, 2014 / 8:21 am


    Saw your review by googling “Bellroy elements pocket submerged”! Nice article and I love the pics too .. I was wondering, for the sake of helping a guy out (seriously, you would be my hero), if you could maybe test the wallet out by submerging it completely for like 10 minutes and see if it holds? You could put a piece of toilet paper inside so you won’t damage anything 😛

    The reason I ask this of you is because I use hearing aids and I’ve been looking for a solution to store my HA when I go to the beach and I would like to surf or do some other activity where my HAs are at risk of getting damaged or destroyed… The HAs do not agree with water, unfortunately…

    My idea was to store the HAs in the element pocket and somehow attach it to my arm, like a wristband so that way I’ll always know where the wallet is and will immediately know if it drops off my arm.. (or just store it in my pocket)

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